Top Things to do in Bermuda

Bermuda –  (Overseas Northern Atlantic Ocean )British territory which is self governed. Like Cuba, Bermuda is one of the top tourist destinations owing to its geographical location, social vibe, weather and some of the most wonderful places to see.

This island territory is divided into nine parishes and it is one of the highest visited tourist places across the globe. If you decide on a holiday vacation in Bermuda then you must research all the stuff such as prices, locales, hotels and related essentials before embarking on the journey to island territory.

Places to visit and things to do in Bermuda

One of the first places you must visit when in Bermuda is Horseshoe bay beach. Just visit the place and marvel at the beauty of the nature on a relaxed lazy evening. Nestled between 2 volcanic rocks on the southern side of the main island, the horseshoe bay beach is a thing of beauty. Its glittering golden sands and crystal blue water is a sight to behold for a human eye. It is one of the most picturesque places in Bermuda and hence frequently visited by a large number of tourists.

Once you’ve ticked off the horseshoe bay beach, you can soak in the vibe of Hamilton. Situated right in the centre of island, Hamilton is the centre of Bermuda’s economic and cultural life. There are a number of fascinating as well as architectural marvels in the city which are worth visiting and experiencing.

If you are tired and want to relax then you can just head off for a round of golf with your friends. Bermuda is a golfing paradise and one of the most popular venues for golf. The Port Royal golf course is one of the most iconic golf courses in the world. The natural beauty of the course with large sprawling green grass and the rough accompanied with gushing waves from the sea by the side is a sight to behold. The Port Royal golf course plays host to the renowned 16th short hole event of golf. Apart from this there are other golf courses in Bermuda such as Mid Ocean club and Belmont Hills club at Harbour road amongst others.

You can also go underground and enjoy the sights of the crystal and fantasy caves. Situated in the middle of main island and St, David’s island, the crystal and fantasy is one of most fascinating places to experience in Bermuda. Here you can find submerged lakes, Pontoon walkways, quartz-caked stalactites, bulbous boulders and calcite formations to truly enjoy and marvel about. It is one of the most unique places in Bermuda.

Bermuda is renowned for its fusion food that is prepared by combining different cuisines and dishes. The fusion food available at Mad Hatters is a massive attraction and it serves delicious dishes combining the kitchens of Asia, Caribbean, Italy and South America. If you are in Bermuda then you must definitely try the various different cuisines on offer here.

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