What are some cool/fun things to do in Havana Cuba?

Cuba is really an amazing country which has massive numbers of tourist spots.  It is known as one of the growing tourist destinations because of its attractive places and enjoyable activities.  Especially now, with the openness between Cuba and the United States thus leading to more travel. In Havana, Cuba, there are a vast number of things to do because it is the capital and a major port.

What to do in Havana:

  1. Visit the Capital Building – It is one of the preeminent places to visit in Havana, Cuba. A lot of folks come see the beautiful architecture and its amazing artistic works. On the grounds of the capital building, you will find many numbers of churches, museums, restaurants and bars.
  2. Smoke the wonderful Cuban cigar – Cuba is the most popular place for cigars and tobacco so it is good place to smoke in ice cube and. The country has a culture of smoking cigars and the cost of buying them in Cuba is much cheaper. This is why smoking cigars is the most famous activity to do in this capital city.
  3. Ride in the taxi – Particularly, almost all the travelers who are all visiting Cuba would like to ride in the taxi in order to enjoy the prettiness of every street, parking lot and traffic lights. They are mostly privately owned.  What is cool about these taxis are that the vehicles come in different styles.  You will find rusty or vintage car that are shiny and colourful.  So give a chance to be taxi ride around the streets of Havana.

Some other Cuba activities:

  1. Take a walk on El Malecon – Many individuals love walking on the waterfront the ports for its view and fresh breezy air. El Malecon is definitely the best place which is 8 km of paved road and you will see many of the local during their local activities. This is a great place to take your family before dinner.
  2. Have the best cocktail – it is always essential and good to have a taste of the best cocktail while visiting this wonderful country. Mojito and daiquiri are the famous cocktail drinks delete. La Bodeguita del Medio is a suitable place for the Mojito cocktails and El Floridita for the daiquiri cocktails.
  3. Listen to the great music – Everyone noticed that Cubans love to dance and have music played throughout their homes and businesses. Most of the restaurants and bars will have live music to provide enjoyable entertainment to the visitors.


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